2GoSystems V2 Trifecta

I recently purchased the 2GoSystems Trifecta as a replacement for my trusted British Army Bivvy. It can be used as a Thermal Blanket, a BIVVY, or a Canopy. I must admit, despite researching the  2GoSystems V2 Trifecta I was a little sceptical as to how it would perform compared to my trusted British Army Bivvy.

I’m always looking to reduce the size and weight of my Bug out Bag and with the the Trifeca having a much smaller footprint in my bag when rolled up and being half the weight of the British Army Bivvy it seemed a sensible choice.

So far I have been very impressed at the versatility of this Bivvy System. The ability to be able to open the Trifeca out into a Canopy really gives this system the edge over myBritish Army Bivvy.

The official word from 2GoSystems

Made out of Tyvek 1460C or “spunbonded Olefin” ultra-soft material that blocks 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, is tear resistant, water resistant, and breathable. Its high durability to weight ratio makes it the perfect material for the Trifecta.

To start off, we made the Trifecta big, measuring “35.4 inches (90cm)” by “87.7 inches (223cm)” in its zipped BIVVY configuration, and “70.8 inches (180cm)” by “87.7 inches (223cm)” in its unzipped Canopy/ Blanket configuration.

Then we added two zippers with an inside and outside zipper for even more flexibility and ease of zipping the BIVVY once inside.  The inside has an aluminum coating to reflect back the radiant heat given off by one’s body.

To finish it off, we added 9 tie down D-Rings 3 on each edge and 3 center.

The Trifecta is designed to be light weight and portable to help keep you warmer and dryer.

The V2 TRIFECTA has many functions. A few are listed below. 

  • Alone as a thermal sleeping bag 
  • As a thermal BIVVY with a traditional sleeping bag
  • Improvised shelter 
  • Thermal Blanket
  • Tarp / Canopy
  • Emergency litter
  • As a reflective tarp “reflective side out” in hot climates to reflect the radiant heat from the Sun and help keep you cooler. 

Easy to pack and very light. This is a must for any Emergency or Backpacking kit.

35.4*87.7” (90*223cm) BIVVY

70.8*87.7” (180*223cm) Canopy

9.5*4” (24*10cm) Packed

weight 15.5 oz (440g)

Note: The V2 Trifecta has been upgraded from the previous version. The main differences between the two are water resistant zippers, storm flap around zipper, taped seams, green in color and 9 D-ring outside tie out points. The original first generation Trifecta was lighter 333g vs 440g or 3.7 oz, this is largely due to the seam sealing and added color.

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