5 Principles of Survival

Knowledge | Shelter | Fire | Water | Food

When faced with a SHTF situation I consider the 5 Principles of Survival in the following order : Knowledge | Shelter | Fire | Water | Food !

Lets break down my thinking !!


Perhaps the most important aspect of Survival ! With a good sound Knowledge of Survival skills and techniques you should be able to survive most SHTF situations. Always improve your knowledge, practice what you learn and be prepared.


In Extreme Weather conditions you can last maybe 3 hours without shelter. So finding shelter or constructing a shelter should come first in your list of priorities. Obviously different situations and locations will lend itself to different options and solutions but you need to have the knowledge and skills to know how to find or build a shelter in as many scenarios as possible.


The ability to start a Fire allows you to keep yourself warm and dry combined the ability purify water and provide light. Practice starting fires using as many techniques as possible ! remember you need more than the ability to make a flame or spark … you need to know how to maintain your fire. As soon as you have your shelter … think about making your fire.


You can last 3 days without water, so finding a good water source and the ability to make the water safe (hence the Fire). A good source of running water is not always obvious and in some scenarios (like Desert Survival) you may need to get very creative to find a water source .. but again this is where Knowledge is the key to survival.


The human body can last up to 3 weeks without food ! however, if you are trying to get from one place to another you will be burning energy ! food gives you that energy, so you need to think constantly about food sources ! Use your knowledge of edible plants and hunting to locate and gather food.

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