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Are you Ready ?

Knowledge is the key to Survival

Prepping and Survival Guide has been created to provide advice and educate people on what to do in the event of a Disaster situation (or what peppers commonly call a Shit Hits the Fan (SHTF) situation..

Whilst we all very much hope and pray we never need to put this knowledge to use in real “Shit hits the fan” situations I think most will agree that in the current climate the chances are that you will need to put your prepping and survival skills into practice in the very near future.

Prepping and Survival Guide covers a wide range of possible scenarios that you need to be ready for ! From Natural Disasters to Terrorism attacks and all out War !

Preppingandsurvivalguide is aimed at UK audiences but many of the posts and reviews found on our website are applicable worldwide although we suggest you always check your local laws if living outside the UK as some of the advice given within the pages of our website may be illegal in your country / state (for example: Collecting Rainwater is now illegal in many US states).

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