The AMPY MOVE transforms the kinetic energy from your motion into power for your smartphone and wearables.

I recently acquired the AMPY MOVE as a replacement for my Brunton Ember 2800 Solar Rechargeable Battery Pack in my Bug out Bag. Why ? I found only being able to charge the Battery Pack when in good Sunlight was restrictive (especially in Winter Months in Europe). After much research I discovered the AMPY MOVE, that simply transforms the kinetic energy from your movement into power !

I feel Kinetic Energy products still need some development as the specs are not yet quite perfect for my needs, but that said, as an emergency and even EDC item the AMPY MOVE is a brilliant product.

In order to generate a full charge to the internal battery you really need to have this on you at all times. The battery itself is only 1800mAh which is not even a full charge for most smartphones or tablets, but it will give you 50-70% charge on most devices.

You can also recharge the internal battery using the mains, so I advise a regular quick boost when time / situation permits.

The AMPY website reckons that wearing the AMPY move for 1 hour of exercise will give you enough charge for 1 hour of Smartphone battery life (normal use) or 5 hours standby. Now I don’t do workouts as such these days so I found it takes considerably longer to charge you AMPY MOVE with normal Walking activity, but I did find it works best when strapped to move arm using the AMPY MOVE accessory kit (so I advise paying the little extra for this kit).

The AMPY MOVE also has a FREE smartphone app available (Apple and Android) that lets you quickly check the battery status of your AMPY MOVE. The AMPY+ smartphone app helps you stay charged and stay fit. Review your personal Battery Life Forecast with predictions and insights, track the calories you burn and power you generate, and compete with your friends.



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