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Direct Action Ghost backpack

The Direct Action Ghost Backpack is a great choice for Bug out / Get Home packs. Amazing quality combined with inventive design this very Rugged offering from Direct Action will not disappoint. Direct Action have a range of backpacks from their smallest...

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Maxpedition Zafar Internal Frame Pack

The Maxpedition Zafar is a popular favourite with seasoned Preppers and Survivalist. The Maxpedition Zafar is Maxpeditions first internal framed rucksack and as you would expect from Maxpedition, it lives up to Maxpeditions tradition for rugged hard us...

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Karrimor SF Predator 30

The Karrimor SF Predator 30 has been my preferred backpack for day trips, overnighters, long weekend trips and also as my Bug out Bag. Being a very versatile and tough piece of kit makes the Predator SF 30 ideal for almost any situation. Thanks to an...

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Karrimor Predator Patrol 45 Litre Rucksack

The design of the Karrimor Predator Patrol 45 Litre Rucksack is exactly what you need to ensure that you always feel prepared and ready! The super high quality of construction, materials, and specifications ensure the bag will always perform at top level...

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Direct Action Dragon Egg MkII

The Direct Action Dragon Egg MkII makes for a perfect Bug out Bag or EDC pack. The Direct Action Dragon Egg MkII is a lightweight and versatile backpack designed for Military and Law Enforcement operators. This medium sized pack comes in a wide selection...

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Paratus Military Style 3 Day Bug Out Bag

A popular 3 Day Bug out Bag from 3V at a very affordable price. This 3,000 cubic inch bag combines a great sized bag with a versatile Modular Design allowing you to detach the Scout Bag when you don’t need to hump your entire kit around with you !

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