Best Bug Out Bag foods

I often get asked “what are the the Best Bug Out Bag foods to pack?” I believe a Bug Out Bag should be as light as possible and I personally carry far less than most preppers.  My Bug Out Bag is designed around keeping me alive for 72 hours (just long enough to get out of any SHTF situation or at least until help arrives). Keeping this in mind I choose my Bug out Bag food based on what gives the most nutritional value per bite against weight. Remember, you’re not eating for enjoyment, you’re eating for survival.

When considering your Bug Out Bag foods, remember that fat and protein are more important than carbohydrates. The fat and protein will fill you up and give you more energy over a longer period of time compared to the short burst of energy you’ll get from carbs.

Kendal Mint Cake

This glucose-based confection flavoured with peppermint originates from Kendal in Cumbria, England. Kendal Mint Cake is popular among climbers and mountaineers, especially those from the United Kingdom, as a source of energy.

Kendal Mint Cake


Cereal / Breakfast Bars

These are great for giving you a boost of energy. They’re typically made of oats and some kind of dried fruit or fruit paste. They’re perfect for breaking up the monotony of dried or canned meat.


Peanut Butter Pouches

Packed full of protein (approx 7g protein per pouch) that will give you energy for a long time, perfect for when you are on the go.

Peanut Butter Pouches


Another staple in many bug out bags. It’s not high protein, but the sugar will give you a burst of energy. Be prepared for it to wear off quickly, though. If nothing else, it can satisfy cravings that will linger long after eating bland, canned, prepackaged food for several days. Dark chocolate.

Freeze Dried Meals

These are perfect for bug out bags. They’re lightweight, require very little water, and can turn into a full meal in a hurry.

Freeze Dried Meals

Ready-To-Eat Rice Pouches

These are high in carbs and sodium so you wouldn’t want to eat them all the time, but they could give you a little variety. Combine them with canned chicken or tuna for a more well-balanced, if not slightly strange meal.


Protein Bars

Another favourite as they can be eaten on the go. These are delicious and packed with protein to keep your muscles strong and healthy.

Protein Bars

S.O.S Rations

They don’t taste very good, but they’re very dense (3600 calories per package) and have a very long shelf life.


MREs or Meals Ready to Eat

These are a military staple but civilians can buy them as well. They have a very long shelf life even in extreme weather conditions, and each meal is over 1200 calories.

MRE Meals Ready to Eat


Meal Replacement Powders

These are lightweight and can be added to water to keep you fuelled while you’re on the go. Just put some in a Ziplock bag. Along with these, electrolyte powders can keep you hydrated while walking long distances.


Nuts and Trail Mix

Nuts are high in protein and give you an almost instant boost of energy. They’re both filling and can also be eaten while you’re on the move.

Nuts and Trail Mix

Tuna Pouches

These have high calorie content and are rich in protein. You can eat them hot or cold or mixed with foraged greens.


Instant Oatmeal

Instant Oatmeal Sachets have more carbs than fat or protein, but they’re delicious and easy to prepare. All you need is tin cup so you can boil water (or powdered milk if more fortunate). Great choice of flavours are also now available in the shops making this a simple and tasty option you can easily source for your Bug out Bag.

Instant Oatmeal Sachets

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