There have been many articles written about Steel Wool in Survival and SHTF situations. Few of these articles however, have expanded to incorporate Brillo Pads. The Humble Brillo Pad has been a part of my Bug out Bag for as long as I care to remember.

Not only were Brillo Pads a favourite subject of the late Andy Warhol they are also a very versatile Survival Aid and should feature in any Preppers or Survivalist arsenal.

Cleaning Camp Pots and Pans

A Brillo Pads primary function has always been one of cleaning (especially dirty pots and pans). This is also true in Survival Situations. Brillo Pads weigh next to nothing and have built in soap, negating the need to carry separate containers of liquid soap (that I see so many preppers do). When carrying liquid soap, at some point, you are bound to get a leek and it makes an unholy mess in your kit. Hence I always take 3 or 4 Brillo Pads out on every camping / bushcraft weekend and they are always present in my Bug out Kit and Home Prepping.

Starting Fires

Just like normal Steel Wool, the Brillo Pad can be used to start a fire using a few different methods. Separating the Brillo Pads and fluffing them up ! allows the Brillo Pad to be used exactly the same as regular Steel Wool. The Battery Trick works just the same as on regular steel wool and they catch a spark from a ferro rod or match too. You can even use a magnifying glass and the sun to quickly ignite steel wool.

Sharpening Scissors on your Multitool

You can quickly sharpen the Scissors on your Multitool by using them to cut your Brillo Pads ! Remember to keep hold of the pieces you cut off as these can be used for fire starting at a later date.

Keeping your Survival Knife clean

In a Survival Situation, you Survival Knife will be put through its paces and it likely to get pretty dirty. Pine Sap and other sticky stuff can quickly start eating away away at the steel in your knife. Giving your Survival Knife or even Axe a good clean with your Brillo Pad will help you maintain your Survival Knife and clean away / prevent rusting.

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