British Army Bivi Bag

I have been a great advocate of the British Army Bivi Bag and I have carried one in my Bug out Bag for many years now ! I have also used the British Army Bivi Bag on numerous outdoor adventures.

The British Army Bivi Bag can be picked up in most Army Surplus stores, eBay or Amazon for approx 35 GBP (depending on use / condition) and usually come in either Olive Green or the standard British Army DPM.

Made from a strong, waterproof / windproof and breathable Gore-tex, the British Army Bivi Bag is an ideal addition to any Bug out Bag or Survival Kit.

Getting into the Bivi is a work of art as there is no side zipper (but this adds to the waterproofness) but after a few attempts you will soon acquire the knack. There is a drawstring around the top of the Bivi allowing you keep any wind / draft at bay. You can also fill the Bivi Bag with air, tie off the top and use as either a comfy seat or even a buoyancy aid !

Laid flat this measures approx 260cm x 95cm narrowing down to 75cm (at foot end) and weighs just 800g.

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