BUCK 112 Ranger

It all began with the . The 110 could be found on a lot of sailor’s belts in the Navy. One day, a couple of soldiers got into a fight and the 110 Folding Hunter was used. As a result, the captain issued a decree that knives carried could not have a blade length of a certain size. The 110 ended up being too long, so Buck Knives took the initiative and created the Ranger, a smaller version of the 110. The BUCK 112 Ranger proved to be just as popular as its big brother establishing itself as another traditional favorite.

As a kid, I was happy beyond belief when I spent my hard earned pocket money and purchased a cheap Chinese copy of the BUCK 112 Ranger and to its credit, it did perform relatively well for a number of years until the Lock system snapped. I think it can still be found in one of my Fathers sheds somewhere. It wasn’t until I treated myself many many years later to the real thing did I fully understand just how beautiful these folding pocket knives really are.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of BUCK knives, the BUCK 112 ranger is copied and the cheap copies often end up on Amazon and eBay posing as the genuine article. ALWAYS buy from a reputable dealer and double check all reviews before parting with your hard earned cash. The quality, workmanship, and finish on the originals far surpass all the wannabe copies.

The BUCK 112 Ranger as an EDC Knife

I recently started to carry my BUCK 112 Ranger as my EDC Knife. As I get older and wiser, I now appreciate the tried and tested old school gentlemen classics more than the newer Tactical Knives many people now use. Despite being a bit heavier and larger than many EDC Knives and not being a one hand opener, I just love knowing I have this magnificent folder on my belt or in my pocket every day.

BUCK 112 Ranger features at a Glance:

Blade shape: Clip
Blade length: 3″ (7.6 cm)
Weight: 5.6 oz. (159.4 g)
Handle: Dymondwood
Carry System: Sheath
Origin: Made In The USA
Guarantee: Comes with BUCKs forever warranty.

Custom Options are also available from the official BUCK website: https://www.buckknives.com

Converting your BUCK 112 Ranger to one hand opening for EDC

Though I have not yet tried this myself, I am tempted to find an older BUCK 112 Ranger at my next car boot sale and attempt this upgrade myself:

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