CDS Survival Celtibero

Some of you may never have heard of CDS Survival, but they do make some interesting Survival Knives, the CDS Survival Celtibero is one such knife.

Made in Spain, the CDS Survival Celtibero is a Full Tang design with a nice drop point on the business end and a notable pummel on the handle end. The knife is a handmade design using Laser cut blanks with an overall length of 275mm with the blade length of 145mm.

In testing, I found the CDS Survival Celtibero was able to hold a good edge throughout the usual tests (batoning, feathering etc). The blades 90 degree spine made it ideal for use with a Ferrocerium rod. Chopping wood was possible but I found a few hotspots on the handle and also it became a little slippery when wet, so I would recommend using this knife with gloves when doing any serious chopping.

The Leather Sheath is very good quality for a production sheath and incorporates a sharpening stone and standard size Ferrocerium rod. The Sheath can also be attached to your belt or even pack using 3 different methods !

The CDS Survival Celtibero is also available in Black for those of you looking for something a little more tactical looking.

CDS Survival Black


In conclusion, this is a nice “Old School” survival knife that I enjoyed using, but I think the Price Point a little high when you consider the knives available for the same price or cheaper (ESEE-5 or Ka-Bar BK2 for example). But if you like Old School over Tactical, this is nice knife to have.

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