DD Hammocks 3x3 Tarp

The DD Hammocks 3x3 Tarp is a fantastic Lightweight Tarpaulin that comes in a variety of colours and cammo designs. Each of the 19 attachment points are reinforced and the Tarp can be erected in a number of different configurations to suit your environment and weather conditions.

Highly versatile

With the perfect dimensions for regular sized hammocks, the Tarp 3x3 provides ample cover for a single person plus gear. Arrange it in an A-frame or diamond over your hammock for all-round protection, or simply use it to extend a porch on your tent. Cook underneath it. 

The new MultiCam pattern is particulary well though out and blends in with woodlands and grass with ease.

The DD Tarp comes supplied with 4 pegs and guide lines.


  • Lightweight Tarpaulin – 3 x 3m
  • Colour: DD Multicam
  • 19 Attachment Points
  • Weight: 790g (not including pegs)
  • Includes: 4 pegs and 4 guy lines

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