The Direct Action Ghost Backpack is a great choice for Bug out / Get Home packs. Amazing quality combined with inventive design this very Rugged offering from Direct Action will not disappoint.

Direct Action have a range of backpacks from their smallest offering “Dust” then the “Dragon” (24 hour pack) to their 72 hour pack called “Ghost”.

Measuring in at about 2950 cubic inches. The Ghost is honestly not that much larger than the Dragon (only about 500CI bigger), but as the Dragon packed more than we expected, so did the Ghost – by a long shot.

The Ghost comes in 12 colours, weighs in at only 5lb 2oz (making it are latively lightweight backpack) and is coated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR).

The Ghost has 2 hydration bladder compartments and as water is a big concern for any Survival Situation this is an ideal feature I haven’t seen on any other similar styled backpack. Obviously, every 72 hour load has its staples, but you’re going to want to add water wherever you can, and with the Ghost, it’s mighty convenient to do just that.

Direct Action build their gear with functionality in mind. The waist belt on the Ghost is great, it’s simple, removable and very comfortable. When you first open this bag you’ll notice on one of the inside compartments they also include a Y harness that can be used with the detachable waist belt – a sub-system all it’s own, and loaded with PALS webbing!

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