Fire Tips: Burning Pine Knots

Fire is a very important part of Bushcraft and Survival and there are many different types of fire depending on what you need the fire for ! For example, if you just need to boil water, a quick burning small fire is all your need whereas if you need to cook a piece of large game you need a slow burning moderate heat from charcoals / embers. Burning Pine Knots gives you a slow burning but bright flame and are ideal for small camp fires to burn through the night keeping inquisitive animals away.

Pine Knots

The Pine Knots are best sourced from dead pine trees (though in a survival situation you can use living trees if fallen dead trees are not available). Simply remove the branches where they connect to the main tree trunk. These knots are rich in Pine Resin (infact you can smell the Resin inside them) and this helps them to burn longer and brighter (in much the same way as a candle or paraffin lamp).

Pine Knot Fire

Pine Knot Torches

Pine Knots torches can also be used if you need your light source to be portable ! I found this very good article with step by step instructions on how to make a Pine Knot Torch:

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