The Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet from Gerber is a Compact, Lightweight and innovative little hatchet that comes complete with a balistic nylon sheath and waterproof “Priorities of Survival Pocket Guide”.

This great little hatchet is surprisingly rugged and capable ! it boasts a full tang design and yet weights less than 1.5 lbs (590 grams). The Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet comes with a razor sharp cutting edge from new. This edge can easily perform the tasks of any knife (such as preparing food, shaving wood for tinder) but can also be used for chopping trees, general bushcraft and shelter building.

Innovative cut out between the head and the handle also provide great grip for more delicate use (such as food prep). The back of the head is a narrow striking surface suitable for breaking, smashing and crushing things.

All the steel areas are covered with a grey PVD coating (as with most of Gerber’s Bear Grylls range).

There is a very comfortable rubberised grip that provides great grip even in the wet. The butt of the handle / grip also flares out to give extra grip and prevent slippage. A good sized hole at the base of the hatchet is also provided for a lanyard if needed.

The sheath is made from reinforced Nylon with velcro closure, belt loops and carry loop.

This great little hatchet is perfect for Bug out Bags due to its size and weight.

The only thing we would advise is that the blade being so sharp may be prone to folding / blunting with hard use but we personally did not encounter this during the time we tested it.

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