Gil Hibben HTF Recon Bowie Knife

Although not a Survival Knife as such, I thought that the Gil Hibben HTF Recon Bowie Knife was worth an honorable mention as it could quite easily take the punishment expected to fall upon any Survival Knife, has a great price tag and it looks really pretty to boot.


For over 50 years Gil Hibben has been producing custom blades. He has created and designed for top Hollywood personalities such as Sylvester Stallone, John Wayne, and Elvis Presley. There is no doubt that the Gil Hibben HTF Recon Bowie Knife (and any other Gil Hibben Knife) is one that is made to last!

This knife is constructed with a heavy-duty laminated wood handle surrounded by a stainless steel guard. The blade is constructed from 420 stainless steel. Includes top grain, genuine leather sheath. 10″ overall, 5 1/4″ blade.

I picked my Gil Hibben HTF Recon Bowie Knife up from a little shop in Prague, the Czech Republic without knowing anything about Gil Hibben knives! The look and feel of the knife alone got me making an impulse buy.

The Gil Hibben HTF Recon Bowie Knife boasts amazing balance, design, and feel. Feels very alive and comfortable in your hand. Well suited for hunting, skinning, self-defense, and everyday cutting chores. I consider the Gil Hibben HTF Recon Bowie Knife more a bushcraft knife, but I would be happy to have this in any survival situation.

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