Heider AGX Flashlight

The Heider AGX Flashlight is the King of Flashlights, it boasts an incredible Lightning Distance of 1,000 metres and a 50 Feet Diving Capacity.The Heider AGX Flashlight flashlight has a 3300 feet wide-angle illumination “privilege”, which means it illuminates 3300 square feet of space. As Heider explains, AGX “does not illuminate a limited area as the ordinary torches do. It is the expert of wide-angle illumination.” So if you need a spotlight-style flashlight instead of a narrowly-focused beam, then the AGX Ultra Power may be the right choice for you. The flashlight uses a Cree XML2 series LED.


  • WATER RESISTANT CASING UP TO 50 FEET – AGX, produced in military type standards, is also an essential accessory for divers. It will always keep dry no matter if you use it in swimming or diving. You can use it safely in extreme or wet weather such as rainstorm and snow.
  • 150 HOUR ILLUMINATION TIME – Either in camping, hunting or at home! You never know when the darkness will fall. AGX is truly a lifesaver with illumination time of 150 hours.
  • WIDE-ANGLE ILLUMINATION PRIVILEGE – AGX does not illuminate a limited area as the ordinary torches do. It is the expert of wide-angle illumination with its advance 2016 model special design.
  • INNOVATIVE AND UNIQUE – Belt-clip design of AGX is a centre of attention to all sorts of users around the world. Fix AGX either on your pants or hook it on your bag thanks to this 3D waist clip with salt spray test certification. You will never be left in the dark when you have AGX with you!
  • MILITARY TYPE ALUMINIUM ALLOY SOLID CASING – AGX, produced in military standards, will get you stronger. Abuse it however much you want. AGX is always powerful.


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