This was the very first Survival Knife I ever invested in some 15 years ago ! The MoD 4 Survival Knife ! Sure at the time everybody was buying the RAMBO style knives complete with needle and cotton in the hilt (just incase you had to sow up your arm). Tempted as I was I opted for proven performance from the UK’s Special Forces (if they use it, surely it must be good).

The MoD Survival Knife is a hefty piece of kit and yet surprisingly capable for many different uses.

Originally introduced in the 1960’s, this knife has seen service all around the world, notably with the UK Armed Forces. The knife is made from High Carbon British Steel and boasts an anti reflective coating on the blade. The overall length is 12.25 inches with the blade itself some 5 inches in length.

I would say my biggest gripe was that when doing some heavy chopping the guard was prone to rubbing your hand causing the odd blister or two !! however, I soon realised it was best used with good leather gloves when using this beast in such a way.

My only other grip was the Sheath ! Firstly the knife moved around too much in the sheath (even when fastened). Then the quality certainly leaves a lot to be desired. I advise anybody investing in the SAS Survival knife to get a custom made leather sheath made (perhaps incorporating a sharpening stone and fire rod).

The MoD 4 survival knife comes in 2 options … Blacked out (as shown above) and in a nice wood colour supporting nice shiny brass rivets.

Surprisingly Cheap and easy to come by in the UK ! (I’m certain there will be a slight Mark up on availability outside the UK). All in all, the MoD 4 Survival knife is a great addition to any Survivalists kit. A useful tool for cutting down small trees to build shelters and equally adept to seeing of wild animals or persons intent on causing you harm.

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