I have long been a fan of the Zippo Lighter and I have been carrying one daily for a number of years, however, for EDC use, the Zippo Lighter is far from ideal! Recently I came across the Numyth Tohil EDC Lighter. The Tohil was designed to give you a compact, well-made, long-lasting fire-starting tool.

An outstanding improvement to the peanut lighter. The Numyth Tohil lighter is the perfect EDC Lighter, Small, and Light it fits easily onto your key ring.The lighter body is CNC machined from high-end aluminum alloy and Type III hard anodized for a durable, attractive finish in your choice of ember orange or black.

Unlike most Peanut style lighters, such as the True Utility Peanut lighter, Candle Mode is possible using the Numyth Tohil EDC lighter due to the flat bottom.

An o-ring seals the opening of the body, giving you watertight construction and keeping the lighter fluid from drying out while in your pocket or pack. This enables the lighter to hold its fluid for up to 3 months, unlike the Zippo lighters where your fluid will evaporate after 3 days. If you buy the Numyth Tohil from new, they include 2 spare replacement O Rings (just incase).

The striker Mechanism fits snuggly into the Aluminum housing and can’t simply fall out or rattle around when the top is not fitted. The striker mechanism is held in place by a little bump but will simply lift out with a gentle pull.

The Numyth Tohil also uses standard Zippo Flints and Fluid so maintenance is very easy and cheap as Zippo parts are readily available Worldwide.

An oversized lanyard/keyring attachment point on the cap allows for secure attachment using a wide variety of attachment methods.

Numyth Tohil EDC lighter Dimensions and Weight:

  • 5.58cm (2.2″) tall
  • 2.10cm (0.83″) wide
  • Weighs 1.4oz (39.6g)

Numyth Tohil EDC lighter at a Glance:

  • Four flats machined on sides to increase grip when removing cap
  • Replaceable flint and wick (uses standard Zippo flint and wick)
  • O-ring sealed to prevent water from entering and fluid from drying out
  • Flat bottom allowing for tail standing / Candle mode
  • Uses standard lighter fluid.

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