TOP 10 Alternative Currencies following Economic Collapse

Following an Economic collapse, currency becomes worthless and so trading essentials becomes the new form of currency. Prepping and Survival Guide looks at the TOP 10 Alternative Currencies following Economic Collapse.

1. Gold / Silver

The first and best form of currency in our list of the Top 10 Alternative Currencies following an economic collapse will be Gold and Silver ! be it in Coins or Bars of various denominations. Jewellery and gem stones will not be quite so easy to trade with as many people don’t know how to determine the authenticity of Gem Stones or calculate the content of Precious metals in an item of Jewellery.

Try to acquire smaller Gold and Silver denominations where possible ! 1 gram bars are now widely available and will allow smaller trades than carrying a 1kg bar around with you.

1g Bars of Gold and Silver


2. Fuel

Petrol, Diesel, Butane, Kerosene, Propane and even Wood will all be in very demand once the grid falls. I remember not so long ago in the UK when there was a fuel strike ! Petrols stations dried up in just a few days and the country came grinding to a halt. Luckily for me, at the time my Bug out Vehicle could run on 4 star fuel (this was lower octane than todays unleaded) and I was able to fill up throughout the fuel strike !!

Storage is the issue here though ! due to the flammability aspect, or possibility of theft if you keep your fuel tank full.

3. Cigarettes / Cigars / Tobacco

Cigarettes, Cigars and Tobacco will be very difficult to find (we know this most recently from the latest economic collapse in Venezuela) as people fail to realise just how reliant supermarkets are on daily shipments. In an Economic Collapse the priority will be to get food and water into supermarkets, not so much vice items such as Cigarettes. So even if you are a Non Smoker, having a stockpile of Tobacco / Cigarettes will greatly enhance your ability to trade.

In most Prison Systems around the World, Cigarettes and Tobacco are already used as a primary currency.

Cigarettes, Cigars and Tobacco as currency

4. Spices / Salt / Sugar

Spices used to be the valuable items on the Planet and following a financial / economic meltdown, it is expected that their value will soar again. The same applies to Sugar and Salt as once they run out, the chances are you will not see these again for a very long time !

At this moment in time, all these things are relatively cheap and they store for a very long time ! so begin stockpiling now.

5. Batteries

In the event of a Economic Meltdown, chances are the Grid will fail ! without power people (especially those who have not prepped) will rely on Batteries to power their torches, radios etc. So having a stockpile of batteries may prove a useful trade option ! HOWEVER !! batteries can’t be stored long term, so be sure to try and trade these in the shorter term.

6. Coffee / Tea

Again, when the trucks stop, Coffee and Tea will quickly disappear from the shelves of our supermarkets and this is a Vice item that is consumed in vast quantities every day.

7. Seeds

At some point, the people will need to start rebuilding society and producing their own food. So seeds will become a much sought after item in the long term. With them being so lightweight and easy to store, you may want to consider stockpiling quantities of useful seeds that will thrive in the conditions of your country of residence ! So do your homework … find out what crops are grown in abundance in your area and stock up seeds to restart these crops.

8. Alcohol

Just like the Cigarettes and Tobacco, Alcohol will disappear very quickly once the delivery trucks stop running. Unlike Cigarettes and Tobacco, bottles of Alcohol are heavy and you will need large storage areas in order to stockpile any sizeable quantities. Personally I would recommend keeping several bottles of spirits (Whiskey / Gin etc) but more for personal use as opposed to trade and only trade as as last resort (the longer you keep hold of it the more valuable it will become). Remember Alcohol also has Medical uses as Pain Relief and sterilising properties, so having a supply available could just save your life too.

Alcohol as alternative Currency

9. Ammunition

Not appropriate to every country ! but if you live in a country that allows you to keep firearms and ammunition, then ammunition will always have a value ! Infact the phrase “Shot Glass” comes from the Old West, where it was possible to exchange a Bullet for a measure of Whiskey.

10. Medication (pain killers / antibiotics)

Following an Economic Meltdown, Medication will be worth its weight in Gold ! possibly even more than its weight in Gold. A good supply of Pain Killers, Anti Biotic’s, Blood Pressure tablets and other medication for the standard medical complaints are well worth having. From a Prepping perspective, you should also ensure that if you suffer from any Medical Condition yourself, that you have 3 – 6 months supply of your own medication stockpiled at any one time.

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