Top Fire Starting Techniques

The ability to be to start a fire in a Survival Situation is very important ! Fire provides warmth ! protection from wild animals, enables you to boil water and cook. Here are our Top Fire Starting Techniques we feel as a Prepper and Survivalist you should have some or all or the following skills.

Starting a Friction Fire

Starting a friction fire is one of the most primitive fire starting method requires and great deal of knowledge and skill. Fire bow, fire plow, hand drill and fire saws can all be used to start friction fires.


Lighters are the obvious choice for fire starting and come in a few different flavours ! From the standard cheap disposable butane lighters you can purchase almost anywhere to more durable Zippo lighters that are refillable with a variety of different liquid fuels.



I personally have never been a lover of Matches in Survival Situations and I have always found them a bit hit or miss and limited (you can only use each match the once). That said many Prepper’s and Survivalists carry several matches (usually Storm Proof matches) in their fire starting kits.


Magnesium Fire Starter

If you find yourself in wet or extreme cold conditions then a magnesium fire starter is the must have fire starting solution. Highly flammable magnesium shavings are able to ignite when wet.


Ferro Rods / Fire Steels

Ferro rods and Fire Steels are great fire starting tool that have the added advantage of lasting longer than lighters or matches.

The Sun

OK, this Fire Starting method has its limitations but focusing the power of the Sun is great way to start a fire in a Survival Situation. A Magnifying Glass is the obvious tool for starting a fire using the Sun, but there are several other ways to get the same result for example: using Water or Glass !


Using the batteries from your LED flashlight or other devices you can create a fire quite quickly and easily. The Gum Wrapper method and Wire Wool method are two of the most popular but there are other methods we will cover in more depth other posts.

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