Turn Broken Mobile Phones into Survival Tools

There are many scenarios where you may find yourself in a SHTF situation with nothing on you except for your Mobile Phone ! Now if its fully operational, you can simply call for help and use the Location feature to allow rescue teams to locate you. However, ask yourself the question what if my Mobile Phones gets damaged or the battery dies ? All is not lost as there a few ways you can Turn Broken Mobile Phones into Survival Tools.

Turn Broken Mobile Phones into Survival Tools

Signalling Mirror

Your typical Smart Phone has many reflective surfaces from the External Screen to the Mirrored finish on the underside of the screen. Reflective surfaces are a great way of attracting the attention of Search and Rescue.  Plus, in the event of being found alive and well, you have the added advantage of being able to check your reflection before being returned to civilisation !

Cutting Tools

You can find a surprising number of cutting edges within a Mobile Phone ! From the Glass Screen, to internal circuit board that can be ground against a rock to give a very sharp edge ! You can even use the circuit board to form an Arrow or Spear head if it looks like you may need to start hunting to survive.

Make a Compass

Every Mobile phone will have a Magnet on the Internal Speaker. Use the magnet to magnetise a Pin or length of wire and then place your newly magnetised object onto a floating leaf … hey presto, you have a simple North / South Compass.

Simple Compass


Start a Fire

If you still have a little power left in your battery, you can essentially start a fire by connecting the positive and negative terminals using either wire (chewing gum metallic wrapper or wire wool works also) or maybe make use of some of the internal components found within your phone !

Another way to start a fire with your Phone Battery is to stab it a few times with a knife (have you Tinder to hand as this reaction can be quick)

I’ve not yet tried either of these methods myself and the reason is …. Mobile Phone batteries are rather prone to blowing up ! so more of a last resort Survival Situation if ever there was.

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