Water Filters & Purification

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

The Katadyn Pocket Water Filter is considered by most to be the Number Personal Filter System on the Market ! This filter is designed with longevity and reliability in mind. Made with solid metal pieces and a silver impregnated ceramic filter, it can treat...

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Sawyer Mini Personal Water Filter

The Sawyer Mini personal water filter uses proprietary hollow fiber membrane filters that are small, portable, easy-to-use, reliable, and inexpensive. It boasts a 0.1-micron filter and is easily the best “pump” filter I’ve ever used. It’s also extremely...

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Lifestraw Steel

This remarkable Personal Water Filter removes 99.9999% of water born bacteria and each straw is good for filtering 1000 litres of water. Lifestraw Steel should not be used with Sea Water or Water containing chlorine (such as swimming pools). Its award...

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