When is the right time to Bug out ?

Many Prepper websites advise Bugging out as the first response in SHTF situation ! I personally see Bugging out as a last resort ! so Prepping and Survival Guide asks itself the Question … “When is the right time to bug out ?”

Obviously if your home is in danger of flood or destruction you will need to evacuate asap, but most SHTF situations (such as economic collapse, terrorist attacks, Martial law and possibly full scale war) staying put may be the best option, especially if you have prepped correctly.

I live in a fairly safe area and have prepared to survive at home for as long as possible, taking into account food, water and alternative energy sources. I can conceive of only a few scenarios that would force me to leave. Even then, I have pre-arranged with relatives living a few hundred miles away that I can go to them (or they to me) following a SHTF scenario.

My reasoning to stay put ….

  1. As a prepper, you are likely to have stockpiles of supplies (food / water etc)  that can last for many weeks or months as opposed to a couple of days supplies in your Bug out Bag.
  2. A home is going to be easier to defend than a make shift shelter or tent.
  3. Any help (food / water / medical help / temp shelters and blankets etc) that is sent to SHTF locations will be more accessible if you stay put.
  4. Even under Martial law the threat to life should be minimal provided you don’t break the law.

Times to consider Bugging out immediately !

Knowing when to Bug out is much more important than the contents of your Bug out Bag or even where you will go. Don’t jump and run before you need too, but you don’t want to wait too long or you may never reach your destination so constantly assess your situation.

If you wait for the authorities to give the order to evacuate chances are it’s already too late as you’ll then be competing with the rest of the population leading to the roads being blocked and impassable by motor vehicle. Even walking to your destination may be impossible or too dangerous to attempt.


Bugging out scenarios ….

  1. If it looks like a possible Nuclear Strike is imminent and you are in the Blast Radius of Nuclear Warheads (click here to determine your chances of Survival) it is advised to move as far from potential targets (large cities, military bases and industrial areas).
  2. The recent situation in Syria has highlighted the dangers of staying put following Radical Religious invasions (especially if you are not a follower of the invading Religion.
  3. Severe flooding, even if only half your property is underwater ! the sewage in the water etc can breed deadly disease.
  4. You home becomes structurally unsafe due to earthquakes / storms etc

For most people an evacuation bag is a better choice than a bug out bag. An evacuation bag should contain the gear necessary to get you from point A to point B, whereas a bug out bag (in most cases) is geared more toward survival in the wilderness. As a dedicated Prepper, I have both a Bug out Bag and Evacuation Bag, but admittedly my bug out bag is considered a last resort.

So in conclusion the decision to Bug out all comes down to the type of threat, your personal situation and your preparedness level – in the end only you can make that decision based on knowledge and common sense.

So in conclusion … When is the right time to bug out ? The answer is there is no definitive answer !! I guess it all depends on the situation and your personal circumstances !

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